Watlow® stellt den Watlow SELECT™ Visual Designer™ vor

10/03/2018 12:00:00 AM



Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, recently introduced the Watlow SELECT™ Visual Designer™, which is a product configuration tool that uses imagery to quickly and effectively communicate the features of the product being designed via the Watlow SELECT program. Watlow SELECT is a buying experience that enables customers to quickly identify, configure and purchase some of Watlow’s most popular electric heater, temperature sensor, temperature controller and power controller products. 
Der Visual Designer von Watlow verwendet Bilder für Produktoption-Menüs und zeigt eine ständig aufgefrischte Zeichnung des konfigurierten Produkts an. Der Benutzer klickt einfach auf die benötigten Funktionen und schon erscheinen sie in der Zeichnung.
“The Watlow SELECT Visual Designer is an important tool in the Watlow SELECT program,” said Chris Mallow, business segment director. “The goal of Watlow SELECT is to enhance the buying experience for our customers, and the Visual Designer is a key enabler because it provides guidance and real-time visual feedback.” 
Watlow SELECT was formally introduced in July 2018 and offers users many benefits including easily find the best performing products online and in Watlow product catalogs, quickly configure the product to fit the application, readily access drawings and technical content and enjoy one or five-day shipment on most products. 
For more information on Watlow SELECT or on the Watlow SELECT Visual Designer, please visit www.watlow.com/select.

Über Watlow

Watlow is a global technology and manufacturing leader that provides world class engineering expertise and innovative thermal products and systems that enable customers to thrive.
Watlow bietet thermische Expertise in zahlreichen Branchen, darunter Halbleiterindustrie, Energietechnik, Diesel-Anwendungen, Labor- und Medizintechnik, Großküchentechnik, Öfen und Klimakammern.
Die Firma Watlow existiert seit 1922. Seit damals haben wir unser Produktportfolio, unsere Markterfahrung und globale Präsenz stetig ausgebaut. The company holds more than 980 patents and employs 2,200 team members working in 10 manufacturing facilities and three technology centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Watlow also has sales offices in 50 countries around the world. Unsere Firma baut ihr Wachstum weiterhin aus; wir halten jedoch auch weiterhin an unserem Versprechen fest, unsere Kunden mit den besten Produkten und dem besten Service für ihre individuellen Anforderungen zu versorgen.